Brooklyn based veteran EM-CEE hailing from the Bronx. At the age of 38 years young, Infinit has worked closely with the likes of Akhe AbdullahCX KiDTRONiKShane WestMonster Island Czars (M.I.C), and hip-hop legend MF GRIMMInfinit’s skillset is not limited to strictly rapping; Infinit is also an Inventor, Artist, Product Developer, Manufacturer, Comic Writer, and Producer. Infinit has conceptually designed and manufactured everything contained in his latest project, MEGATRON, which will be released this summer 2013. As an inventor and artist, Infinit has created several helmet prototypes and manufactured one, which he can be seen in below. As a music producer he has created a plethora of tracks for fellow M.I.C member MF GRIMM and can be found featured in MF GRIMM’s award winning autobiographical comic “Sentences: The Life of MF GRIMM.” Having only been on this planet for less then 4 decades, Infinit has managed to see the brightest and darkest moments this life has to offer and has still managed to stay fortified and follow his passion, music. Having lived through homelessness in the streets of NYC, being shot in the back of the head, and brief stints of time in the federal prison system; Infinit stands before you today a 2011 graduate of the Ready, Willing, and Able program and a changed man who has put the past behind him and now focuses his energy on music and positivity. Deep underground in his Bedstuy, Brooklyn beat laboratory; Infinit has managed to create a sound that brings raw prison talk converted into a hardcore digital format that has been dipped in nuclear waste for a WW3 verbal apocalypse.


 Most recently Infinit has been working with Percy Carey (MF GRIMM) andWilliam Wilson at the entertainment and trans-media company Arch Enemy Entertainment. He has also been in collaboration with Ilan Sabar at Metro Boards creating electronically motorized skateboard/longboards and distribution. Infinit’s most recent musical material can be found on CX KiDTRONiK’s album “Crack Attack II” released via Stones Throw Records.


Jams DaBoombox

“Jams DaBoombox (Other Aliases Include King Boom & Ervin Jams) Born Ervin Dionté Harris Is An American Producer From Little Rock, Arkansas(Hometown Jacksonville, Arkansas). His Style Is A Reflection Of Jazz, Funk, And Soulful Sounds From The 30s On Until The 80s. It Is Also A Reflection Of His Rebellious Nature. (Due To This Era Of Commercial Music) At Age 12 Is When He Found Out His Ability To Construct Tracks & Write Rhymes, Though He Only Went With Production As His Main Focus.

Growing Up In The South (Born July 24, 1991) Southern Hiphop Was Typically The Only Thing Being Heard. But Do To His Mothers Love For All Music, He Found Himself Getting Into Other Sounds As Well. Band And Orchestra Throughout School Also Played Its Part. Around Age 14 He Began filling His Musical Library With West coast Hiphop. With Stones Throw Records Filling A Big Spot. That Played A Part In Jams Beat Tapes And Production Style As Well.

In May 2010 Jams Started Releasing Beat Tapes Which Pleased The Small “Boom Bap” Audience Of Arkansas Local Music Scene. Also Produced Most Of The Tracks On Arkansas Artist 9th Scientist Album “Tru Kingz Of Boom” Which Released July 2010 Online. King Boom Is Currently Working On Several New Projects.”



Founded by Sonny Wong in 1998, the Dirty Rats include Callous, GMG, Kush,  TheO, Stir Fry Willie, Damien, Mr. Ocean, Ink the Ill Scene Illustrator and Sonny Wong.  Hailing from the world famous HUMBOLDT COUNTY, the Dirty Rats have put out 3 crew albums and dropped over 10 solo projects, rocked shows from Cali to Japan with HIP HOP greats including KRS ONE, CYPRESS HILL, THE GZA, VAST AIRE and many more.  The Dirty Rats have come a long way since the days of 4-track raps, and have invested their own blood, sweat and tears into becoming a well rounded hip hop crew.  The Rats keep all production in-house with GMG the Beat Master, which gives them a distinct head nodding appeal and true hip hop feel.  Keep your ears open, the Rats have been in the studio working on their 4th album, and it’s going to be a banger!