Percy Carey

Percy Carey entered the entertainment industry as a regular on the television show “Sesame Street” at the age of five. Since then, Carey has found success in a variety of roles ranging from recording artist to marketing director.

Carey focused on arenas where his skills could be used appropriately. Carey’s distribution know-how has allowed him to create and expand business opportunities. He has worked in marketing, promotions and publicity.

Carey’s writing ability has propelled him as a hard-hitting journalist and recognized author. Carey writes a regular blog entitled, The Percy Carey Show and serves as a special correspondent for MTV’s Splash Page. His first comic book (graphic novel),“Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm” was a gritty story which merited Carey two Eisner nominations (the highest achievement in the comic book industry).

Carey continues to write and consult but has been busy lately retooling the talent of his record label Day By Day Entertainment, founded in 1999.